“From the first moment we worked together, we knew we had the same vision.”

Priya Sudarsanam

Co-Founder – Executive Director

We saw a need in the Gallup community and wanted to offer high quality and culturally sensitive services for our families, promoting an effective community program for healthy living and economic growth in McKinley area.”

Where there are happy children a community can thrive.

Regina Huffman

Co-Founder – Executive Director

Regina and Priya first met when they both worked for the local Early intervention program. From the first moment they worked together, they knew they had the same passion for working with families. They both wanted to give families the best start they could possibly offer, supporting them in having a happy and healthy home, in order to improve their quality of life.

Within a couple of months, Regina and Priya got incorporated as non-profit agency and several months later received 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. In 2015 they submitted their first grant proposal and were awarded government funds from the State of New Mexico. From that moment on they hit the ground running and sought out valuable members of the community to work as home visitors.

Avenues ultimate goal consists in promoting an effective Community development program for healthy living in all of McKinley County including the areas that are most underserved. Avenues is committed to supporting families from all backgrounds.

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