Our preventative home visiting service is an efficient prevention model designed to empower Gallup community, providing assistance for families, facilitating healthy living, and child development.

“We use a strength based approach in working with families.”

Safety and belonging are two essential needs that regulate our wellbeing, development and relationships with ourselves and other members of society. We incorporate cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity in our daily practice with our families as fundamental aspects of Avenues’ framework.




1) First and foremost, YOU the family guides our home visits with your priorities and concerns.

2) You can refer yourself or can be referred by others including community partners and agencies.

3) Once we receive referrals, we make contact within a few days.

4) During our first visit we will talk about the program and what exactly home visiting is. If you are interested, we will do initial intake paperwork which includes: service contracts, confidentiality agreements and accessing basic information about you, the family.

5) We decide together how many visits we, the home visitor will make. We highly suggest weekly visits to build on our goals and to monitor the baby’s progress together.

6) We regularly conduct various assessments that will guide us in the right direction if we need to access other services (e.g. early intervention, mental health services, speech therapy).

7) We use the curriculum “Partners for Healthy Babies” to guide visits. YOUR well-being and independence are our priorities. We make sure to do what we can so that participation in our program benefits you and your baby the most.

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