Avenues Early Childhood services believes that our community’s greatest resources are the families who reside in it.  We are committed to fostering well being and connecting families to the latest culturally sensitive  research based information and resources that will result in successful parenting.  We seek to validate and nurture the importance of the family unit through trust, respect, and affection and facilitate growth toward self-sufficiency and independence. 







We care about the health of the people you love. Your family well-being is our priority!


Avenues envisions that as a result of our program, McKinley County and New Mexico will no longer be last in child well-being among the 50 states. Families will actively contribute to their economic development. Social issues related to poverty and historical trauma will no longer have an impact on a child’s future.

Building healthy attachment

Restoring the sense of belonging

Promote child’s health and safety

Facilitate parents/child interactions

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