1. What is Avenues Early Childhood Services home visiting?

Avenues Home visiting is a type of family support available to families that can start during prenatal period and can continue until the child’s third birthday. Our highly trained home visitors provide support for parents and their children in their homes, which is most natural and where they may feel most comfortable. Families determine their own goals while in the program but topics can range anywhere from child development, health, and well-being, and home safety to name a few.  Home visiting is also a source of support for parents themselves. The home visitor may help families to access resources within their community. 

  1. Why Home visiting?

A child’s first experiences in the first years of life really have an impact on their brain development and their ability to interact throughout their entire life. Home visiting looks to support the parents/caregivers and children with their child’s development, their attachment and bonding, and supporting a healthy environment where their child can thrive and be successful in school.

  1. How do I enroll in your program?

A family can refer themselves or can be referred by others including community partners and agencies.

  1. What will happen during the first visit?

Once we receive referrals, we make contact within a few days.  Our program is a voluntary program.

During our first visit we will talk about the program and what exactly home visiting is. If the family is interested, we will do initial intake paperwork which includes: service contracts, confidentiality agreements and accessing basic information.

  1. What happens during home visits?

First and foremost, THE FAMILY guides our home visits with their priorities and concerns.

The home visitor and family will decide together how many visits will be made. We highly suggest weekly visits to build on our goals, our relationship, and to monitor the baby’s progress together.We regularly conduct various assessments that will guide us in the right direction if we need to access other services (e.g. early intervention, etc.).  Home visitors use the “Partners for Healthy Babies” and SafeCare curriculums to guide visits.


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