CHI St. Joseph’s has been a close partner and source of support since our inception in 2015. They provided us with guidance documents when we first started as well as a generous donation to help us get started as we started with 0 capital. Between 2018 and 2019, four members of Avenues were able to attend CHI St. Joseph’s International study tour where we were able to spend four concentrated days with their team learning about different aspects of their program from home visiting, board management, program operations, and even a cultural tour of a pueblo reservation. They recently provided us with a donation toward our Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library book campaign that will support the enrollment of 40 children in the county into the program.

Partnership for Native Americans has been our partner since 2018. They provides us with bi-monthly incentive items as a donation.  We offer these items to families as an incentive for participating in our program.  These incentive items have contributed significantly to our program management and enrollment.   These incentive items have significantly contributed to family participation in our program as well as the retention of these families. 

Terry Proffit, a local Gallup business man provided us with a loan in 2016 for general program support which allowed us to pay salaries for our two home visitors at a time when funding was still streaming in.  

RX ALI-NM gave us prescription drug disposal kits that we can give to families for opioid crisis in America.

APRIL 2020



Grant from RALI NM, our partner to address the opioid crisis in America as well as deterra prescription drug disposal packs.




Grant from New Mexico Early Childhood Funders Group, Santa Fe Community Foundation for infant/toddler supplies for home visiting families and connectivity to maintain televisits.


Grant from McCune Charitable Foundation to use in collaboration with other community partners for emergency relief efforts in McKinley County.


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